Pornography is the worst thing a man can subject himself to.  It fills their heads with fantasies and wrong perceptions.  Perceptions that can eventually make one impotent.  It is like a drug in that after a while, you need to increase the dosage or get a stronger drug to get the desired effect.

Masturbation has been proven to actually shrink penis size over time!

Especially for the white male it is very negative.  It makes you think:
1. That your penis is smaller than all black men. (while proof is that black men are NOT on the average bigger. despite that blacks do hang lower, on average,  while flaccid, white men usually have the “surprise package”)
2. That all women want to sleep with a black men or cheat on their white mate with a black man.
3. That all women like threesomes and moresomes.
These innuendos do nothing for the white or black man.  Black men are expected to be big so they feel less of a man when they don’t “measure up” and disappoint the women. This happens quite frequently.

here is a good blog for you to read up on.

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