Supposed male privilege?

yeah, being a man has its perks, but being a man is downright deadly.

97% of all combat deaths are Male

80% of suicide victims are Male

Industrial deaths are 93% Male

94% of all work related deaths are Male.

Men sunbathe less, but somehow get skin cancer at a rate of two times more.

Men and women smoke, but men are twice as likely to die from it.

78% of all homicide victims are Male.

Then there are other “privileges”

Fathers only win 20% of all child custody cases (where both fight for custody)

Less men than women go to college.

Male bashing is considered OK.

Now, tag on the words Straight, White, Christian to the word Male, and suddenly you are the enemy of everyone.  We are being forced into self-loathing.

As I come up with some more fun facts, I will edit this document.




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