Supposed male privilege?

yeah, being a man has its perks, but being a man is downright deadly.

97% of all combat deaths are Male

80% of suicide victims are Male

Industrial deaths are 93% Male

94% of all work related deaths are Male.

Men sunbathe less, but somehow get skin cancer at a rate of two times more.

Men and women smoke, but men are twice as likely to die from it.

78% of all homicide victims are Male.

Then there are other “privileges”

Fathers only win 20% of all child custody cases (where both fight for custody)

Less men than women go to college.

Male bashing is considered OK.

Now, tag on the words Straight, White, Christian to the word Male, and suddenly you are the enemy of everyone.  We are being forced into self-loathing.

As I come up with some more fun facts, I will edit this document.




Anti-Male Medical Bias

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 dollars of medical health go to women?
Did you know that while prostate cancer cases are higher, Breast Cancer Research receives at least 75% MORE funding than Prostate Cancer Research.
Did you know that if a man develops breast cancer, there is a high possibility that his insurance will not cover it because he is male?

Women have much better health care services and support than men.  They now live on average 10 years longer than men! (This means men get to enjoy much less retirement than women)
Women have asked for equality, but there is still no equality.  People need to stop asking for equality if they don’t really mean TRUE equality.


Pornography is the worst thing a man can subject himself to.  It fills their heads with fantasies and wrong perceptions.  Perceptions that can eventually make one impotent.  It is like a drug in that after a while, you need to increase the dosage or get a stronger drug to get the desired effect.

Masturbation has been proven to actually shrink penis size over time!

Especially for the white male it is very negative.  It makes you think:
1. That your penis is smaller than all black men. (while proof is that black men are NOT on the average bigger. despite that blacks do hang lower, on average,  while flaccid, white men usually have the “surprise package”)
2. That all women want to sleep with a black men or cheat on their white mate with a black man.
3. That all women like threesomes and moresomes.
These innuendos do nothing for the white or black man.  Black men are expected to be big so they feel less of a man when they don’t “measure up” and disappoint the women. This happens quite frequently.

here is a good blog for you to read up on.

Marriage advise for my sons:


 “I do” can also mean “I’m fucked”.

 These days, you do not have to get married…so why do it?

 NEVER marry a women in less than 5 years.  You never truly know a woman until you have been with her for 5 years.  This is a fact that has been proven over hundreds of years.  Women change…men often do not.

 Any woman that places an ultimatum on you is not worth marrying.

 Remember that biological clock is much later than she thinks….she can have kids when she is 40 safely these days.

 Any woman that uses sex as a reward or punishment is not worth keeping.

 Sex is a very important part of the relationship…if the woman says otherwise. Let her go because sex will dry up after marriage and you will regret ever meeting her.

 If you are not best friends before marriage, if you don’t have the same likes or values…it probably won’t work.

 Opposites attract….but they don’t marry or stay married long.

 Do not marry until you are financially smart and prepared to do so.  Expect to lose 30-50% of your income to your wife, then another 25% for your children.

 Never marry unless the woman is physically active and without the need of a personal trainer.  Women that aren’t physically active will get out of shape and make excuses for it and expect you to love them for who they are on the inside. 

 Men have more to lose in marriage than women: Power, freedom, individuality, Friends, money, respect, possible promotions or job prospects, your sex life, personal space and then finally your family if you get divorced.

 Women are more likely to want divorce than men. 

 Children are not a requirement!

 Don’t marry a woman unless she has a good job as well.

 Protect yourself and always get a prenuptial agreement.  If she won’t accept, kick her to the curb.  You will eventually find someone but remember that being a bachelor is fun too, so enjoy it.


When Labels are used to control and abuse.


So, women are now being allowed to act like professionals and diagnose their husbands as being NPD, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, oppositional and a plethora of other labels.  All the while calling themselves Neuro typical (or NT, or Normal).  These women, instead of looking inward as to what they are doing to ruin the relationship, look to books to help them find the fault in their significant other (SO).

My wife is generally lazy and is a housewife. Laundry piles up, she is taking naps throughout the day, will spend 2 hours putting on makeup but not a single second is being spent on trying to stay in shape…. but if I come home after working all day and going to the gym and want to be a tad lazy, she yells at me and starts throwing labels at me.  These labels are being used to control and demean me.  I start self-doubting and I succumb to her….I end up getting my exhausted butt off the couch and start doing her dishes and her laundry.

Side Note:  My wife once went away to visit friends for a week…during that time I took vacation time as well…..During that week the house was in perfect shape (best ever actually) and I STILL had the time to go to the gym, work from the office remotely on occasion and take care of our children.  PROOF that being a housewife is not difficult.  You just need to be smart about how to organize your time…something that housewives seem to have a problem with.

Women, via the internet, are being encouraged to cheat on their husbands when they complain about them, but the reverse is the opposite.  Men are looked down upon and told they are pigs for considering it.  That something is wrong with the man for the relationship to have gone sour.  No women want to take the blame for anything anymore and now they have the internet to help them label us in a fashion that makes them feel superior and infallible.

It sickens me.


When your spouse is fat….

So yesterday I finally got the balls to admit to my wife I think she needs to lose weight.  She has zero muscle tone and I suggested diet and exercise.  She got offended and blamed me and pregnancy for her weight.  Women are allowed to have excuses.

I went online to do a little research on the subject and I found that about 90% of the time that when a man tells his wife she is overweight that the man is  immediately considered to be shallow and mean and that he has no business to tell his wife such things. On the obverse, I have found that not only is it ok to tell your husband that he needs to lose some weight but it is perfectly acceptable to cheat on him and/or divorce him for such a reason.

Are women such hypocrites that they get to get away with such attitudes?

Go online and look at some of these articles and then go read the comments below those articles and you will see how bad it is for men.

no help for men

Every time I go online to look for help….I find nothing but pages that are sympathetic to women.  only about women complaining about heir men, putting labels on their men.  saying they have Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s.  but never once admitting….that maybe she is an abusive bitch.  Women will never take the blame for how men are but men must take the blame for how women are and still show chivalry.

Think about this for a moment.